PT Topwell Indoceil


Topwell Plaster is a renowed specialist of plaster-glass ceiling in Indonesia. With over than 800 designs in various categories to choose from, Topwell Plaster are capable to produce items that suit and cater to the market needs and wants.

We supply a wide range of plaster products including Domes, Center Roses, Oval Shape Mouldings, Round Mouldings, Corners and Beadings, Cornice Corners and other ornament accessories such as Corbels, Pillars, Mirrors, Free Corners and many more to allow you to enhance your interior with a clasic taste unrivalled by any other form of interior decorations.

Topwell Plaster provide designs for plaster ceiling industry and we have the facilities to provide customized mouldings. Covering the local and export market with quality comparable to the International standards, Topwell Plaster has become a leader in the design and colour of plaster-glass products in Indonesia.

Topwell Plaster is one of the leading manufacturer for Fibre Plastic Board. Fabricator for Fibreglass Resin Product and custom made Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC). Supplier and distributor for SGP Casting Plaster: Jiggering Plaster, Rampset Plaster, Sanitaryware Plaster, Pottery Plaster, etc. Supplier and distributor for Fibreglass Roving Yarn, Fibre tape and Anti Alkaline Fiberglass Roving Yarn.


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Jalan Kedung Cowek no. 362, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 31 5993761, +62 31 5993736, +62 31 51503453

FAX: +62 31 5993694, +62 31 51501773


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