Sountex Ceiling Panels


Sountex is produced in the same module as the popular Ceiltex panels.

The panels are fully demountable providing access readily and can be easily installed in conjunction with standard lighting fittings.


Panel Size: To suit grid modules 1200mm x 600mm

Thickness: 13mm (nominal)

Weight: 8kg per panel (nominal)

Finish: Recessed texture design eliminates need of painting


Suspension system: The suspension system is folded pre-painted P.G.I tee and angle section. Tee sections are suspended from roof purlins, concrete, etc. at maximum 1200mm centres. Wall angles trims are secured to wall by nailing, screw fixing or power fixing (dependent on wall at max 600mm centres).




General Information


Ceiltex and Sountex ceiling panels can be used in conjuction with most types of recessed, modular and surface mounted fixtures. The ceiling suspension system can be designed to support the lighting fittings.


Both product are produced entirely from gypsum reinforced with fibreglass. Being 100% mineral these product will not burn, smoulder or emit smoke making them the safest of all commonly used for internal lining material available.


The fire resistant properties of these product are verified by the Commonwealth Experimental Building Station, Australia.

Fire Test