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Products in this list are just samples from our extensive products range. Please click one of the categories below to see pictures of our product samples. Should any of these samples doesn't meet your requirement, please contact our office to inquire other available products and prices.


Beading Beadings & Corners
Box Up Panels Cornice Corners
Cornice Colour Cornice
Crown Moulding Cornice Center Roses
Corbels Domes
Door Arches Free Corners & Knots
Lighting Diffuser Mirror & Niches
Pots Round S & Moulding
Roman Pillars Special Thick Moulding
Special Beadings Wall Panel

The colouring of all our products can be customized. We have 6 commonly used colour effect which can be applied to any of our products. Please click here to find out.

Other than listed below we also have Fibre Plasterboard 12x122x183mm and 9x122x183mm, Sountex Ceiling Panels and Suspension Systems.

For more information on:

Sountex Ceiling Panels, please click here

Suspension Systems, please click here